Error during Ogre export from blender 2.69

Hi I have watched quite a few different videos on exporting models from blender to jme3, but i have not been able to do it successfully. I know there are quite a few diffent guides out there but they don’t seem to work with the models i create…
now a few questions

  1. what is the “best” way to get a model from blender? is it to use the blender file directly and convert it to a j30 binary OR should we use the ogre exporter?
  2. If we are using the ogre exporter i seem to be getting errors on line 3712 in_node_exportseft.dot_mesh(ob, os.path.spli(url)[0])
    looks like some kind of path issue on my mac
  3. if I’m using the .blend file directly i animations seem to go all warped even through i used a root bone and did armature bone animations

This is the definitive and approved guide:

ok so after some digging around i found out what the issue was. If you get a
ReferenceError: StructRNA of type Mesh has been removed [closed]
like i did when using blender 2.69

try upgrading the orger exporter with this

each time i try to read this links ,i cant get there,are they broken or private?

You can directly load .blend file into the SDK using the import model option. It’s the big green downward pointing arrow on the toolbar. Another good option is .fbx or .obj for static models. I wouldn’t suggest using the ogre importer unless you have a specific reason to use it.

The wiki link at the top of the page will take you to github where the current tutorials are being hosted.

thnx.but i think i actually need ogre( i may be easily mistaken ) but i need to load animated models,like human and soo on…(any way i fixed my problem,i’ve loaded old ogre exporter,and then updated it but it not fixed errors,soo i just eliminated it all and installed new 1 soo how fixed).But if there other ways to import future ragdolls i would like to know it :slight_smile: