Error help me please

hello, I recently downloaded the program and know little about the java language. I want to create a game with a 3d model that I built and run your character around it what should I write? I tried to create a new Java class and write “extends SimpleApplication” but it always fails, and it happens every time I write something the program says “can not file symbol” what can I do?
I follow that guide but I can’t write not even the first line :frowning:

Have you added all the .jar files to your project?

No I have this problem just I create a new project… I have not idea to the function of this program I will search a tutorial on internet but I can’t find nothing… when I must add that jar files?
Thank you

In order to use a class from a library like jMonkeyEngine, you need to (a) make sure the .jar files that make up jME are added to your project (like @domas said), and (b) in your code you need to tell Java what this “SimpleApplication” is. To do that, underneath your “package mygame;” line, add


This tells Java that this “SimpleApplication” that you are using is the SimpleApplication that’s in the package. If you do not import it, Java cannot compile your program because it does not know what a “SimpleApplication” is.

Do you tried to import the class? Try doing Ctrl + Shift + I or writing after package mygame;:


If this fixes your problem, you’re WAY to soon to start using jME. Learn Java first, then learn how to use jME. Don’t learn both at the same time.

EDIT: I don’t know if this is a common practise here, but I got ninja’d by @danielp :wink:

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I’m asking because you stated that you don’t really know java:

Do you know what “extends SinpleApplication” means? Otherwise it will be a long way.

As to solve this issue read this: Using Package Members (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Packages)

thank you all for answers! I will learn best java before trying to use JME :slight_smile:


If you only want to walk around and not really “create” a game, you might also look into blenders internal walk around mode (I don’t know the shortcut though) or also the Blender Game Engine, if you only want to check out your Model.

If you want an easier start into JME you can download the SDK (Release 3.1-beta2-b001-SNAPSHOT · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub) which makes SimpleApplication available when you press Control + Shift + I