Error highlighting in SDK

I’ve just downloaded and installed the SDK and I’m keen to start playing with it all. I’m using JME3 SDK 3.0RC2 on Mac OS X 10.8.2.

I’m going through the tutorials and I’ve just noticed that error highlighting in my code doesn’t appear to be working. If there is an error in a java file it tells me in the project list on the left, but the code line with the error itself is not highlighted in any way. It is my understanding that there should be error highlighting, though I might be wrong. Code completion/suggestion also appears to not be working in JME3.

I thought maybe there was some more fundamental issue with Netbeans and my OS, so I installed a vanilla copy of Netbeans but code completion and error highlighting were working fine there, so it is just in JME3.

If anyone has come across this issue or knows where I would start trying to debug it please let me know.

It must be something on your system as it works fine for me.

Is there any chance you accidentally configured it to use the wrong editor or something?

It’s a fresh install (yesterday), I haven’t touched any settings at all.

I will try a re-install soon I guess.

There are some known problems on macs, that’s not one I’ve seen people talking about before though. Hopefully one of the relevant devs will be through soon to comment :slight_smile:

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I just did a clean re-install and it seems to be fine now! Thanks

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