Error in assetpack, could not load assetpack.xml!


I’m quite new with JMonkeyEngine. on startup I got the followings:

Running on jMonkeyEngine 3.0.4 Lwjgl 2.9.0 context running on thread LWJGL Renderer Thread Adapter: igdumd64 Driver Version: Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 4.2.11566 Compatibility Profile Context Renderer: AMD Radeon. HD 7670M GLSL Ver: 4.20 Audio Device: OpenAL Soft Audio Vendor: OpenAL Community Audio Renderer: OpenAL Soft Audio Version: 1.1 ALSOFT 1.15.1 AudioRenderer supports 64 channels Audio effect extension version: 1.0 Audio max auxilary sends: 4 Error in assetpack, could not load assetpack.xml! Returning hash code of content Returning hash code of content Checking page id 1 386 958 573 vs stored id 1 386 958 573

…and some examples of JmeTests result in crash because of missing assets. what can do?

The message doesn’t mean anything serious and the nifty examples are not in the example set anymore. Or what assets are you missing?


hmm, maybe some bad files only? the following ones are crashing:

gui.TestCursor : an exception occured while loading asset : Textures/Cursors/nyancat.ico

tools.TestOctree: failed to open :


The zip files are not included, you can download them here, but theres not really any reason for you to run the octree test.

The cursor support is somewhat of a feature creep, idk if that icon file is supposed to exist or not.

thanks, the tests which are really important for me are okay, I just thought all of them should simply work, so made a series of quick trials of most of them before going through the book I bought and the tutorials…