Error in loading materials: emissive

I downloaded models from google sketchup and converted it into blender, then exported as Orge mesh, and dotScene file. But when i load the scene in JME, a warning jumped out, and the scene was loaded without texture.

Vegetation_Grass1: emissive

Unsupported texture_unit directive: colour_op

in SketchUpScene.material, the definition about this material is like this:

material Vegetation_Grass1


receive_shadows on





ambient 0.400000 0.400000 0.400000 1.000000

diffuse 0.640000 0.640000 0.640000 1.000000

specular 0.330000 0.330000 0.330000 1.000000 20.000000

emissive 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000



texture __Vegetation_Grass1__copy.jpg

tex_address_mode wrap

filtering trilinear

colour_op alpha_blend





Can anyone tell me what was the problem with it?

I am new to JME as well as 3D programming/modelling.

Its not an error, just a warning.

The texture might not appear if its not in the same directory as the model.

Yeah, nailed it. Thank you very much. It was because the material name was not the same as the dotScene file name, and JME failed to load it