Error in scene

During I run my program, it always prompt me this: Error in Scene! (java.lang.IllegalStateException: FrameBuffer dosn’t hava any renderbuffers attached.) … This was happens when I set the app in fullscreen. What I am doing wrong here? All replies are appreciated.

Not all resolutions are supported in fullscreen mode. Have you changed the default AppSettings resolution configurations?

Yes, its something like this.

AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);



app = new CRace();






@app.showSplash(); I construct a class for splash screen.

This is the problem, you have to do a lot of algorithm stuffs to check what are the supported resolutions by the machine in full screen mode, it’s not so easy to do, but you can take a look at the that is the JmeChooser dialog.

And about the jmechooser itself, does it work fine with all possible settings?

Yes, it works fine in jmechooser.

If you don’t show the settings the default ones will be used which might not work with your graphics card. You can get the supported video resolutions via the awt GraphicsSystem class.