Error in Sound Beginner Tutorial(?)

Whoever is able to correct errors in the beginner tutorials… please do it. I think I found one:

There are description of the methods “initSimpleApp()” and “initSampleApp()”… both methods are NOT implemented in the totorial code above (there is only simpleInitApp() - I think this method is meant in both cases)

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In the initSimpleApp() method, you create a simple blue cube geometry called player and attach it to the scene – this just arbitrary sample content, so you see something when running the audio sample.

From initSampleApp(), you initialize the game by calling the two custom methods initKeys() and initAudio(). You could call the lines of code in these two methods directly from initSampleApp(); they merely are in extra methods to keep the code more readable.

and simpleInitApp() - need to be in SimpleApplication. initSampleApp() don't need(at all i don't need to make it). like in description.
initSampleApp() don't need to be implemented, description is enough
it probably just should be removed from description(i mean initSampleApp()), case true, it’s not in code.
i removed this information so if im wrong, its here in quote.

and just an info, maybe you don't know
you should know that there are tests:

using SDK -> new project -> JME -> JME Tests.
there is audio package with tests.