Error installing JME in 64 bits linux

I had installed jme in linux 64 bits with the .sh

When installation finished in terminal say: “[Error] wizard.xml.0:43:10: cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: El contenido del elemento ‘wizard’ no está completo. Se esperaba uno de ‘{component}’.”

I had installed with root user, the launcher is, but i cant launch JME.


What distro are you using ? I was able to install 64bit JME on Linux Mint.

Im in Fedora 23 GNOME.

I made the mistake of installing jME in Fedora as root myself, you do not want to install as root. First you want to uninstall jME using the supplied in the jmonkeyplatform folder, run this using the same permissions you used to install it, su if you used su to install or sudo if you used sudo to install. After that you want to use root mode to delete the hidden .jmonkeyplatform folder from the /root directory.

I’m using KDE Plasma 5 on Fedora 23 so for me I just use Krusader-root-mode listed under Applications->System. I don’t know if Gnome has something similar, but you need to use the root user to delete it so if you’re using the terminal you’ll need the su or sudo command.

Once that’s done just run the installer sh script again without using the su or sudo command.

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