Error (memory could not be read) on stop()


I get a “the memory could not be read” error when I’m calling stop(). Well, about 80% of the time. I don’t get any more informative error message in the console. It looks like this:

What could be causing it? I don’t think I’m doing something wrong. And why don’t I get a more informative error message?

Can you try disabling audio by setting the AppSettings.setAudioRenderer() to null?

Just trying to isolate the issue better as I had a crash on shutdown just like this with audio enabled …

Hm is there any way to do that just using public methods? Because Clojure can’t easily access protected members. There are public methods for assetmanager, rootnode, camera, etc. there should be one for appsettings too :wink:

Its not a protected member … Its a public method