Error upon starting the IDE: Framebuffer object not supported by hardware

Whenever I start the jMonkey IDE I get the error seen in the title. I guess this is an issue with the opengl window that is displayed. Unfortunately, my rather awful graphics card doesn’t seem to like FBO much (I had issues with it when I used OGRE to make a game), I can’t currently afford to replace it. Can I make the opengl window use PBuffer as the frame buffer, as I know that that works fine.

I also get this:
[java]=== jMonkeyEngine FBO State ===
FrameBuffer[format=120x120x1, drawBuf=0]
Depth => BufferTarget[format=Depth]
Color(0) => BufferTarget[format=RGBA8][/java]
Highlighted in red in the output section of the IDE, once I dismiss the message box.

What comes after “java.lang.IllegalStateException: F”?

Sorry, the title got cut off at a set number of characters. The rest was: Framebuffer object not supported by hardware.

I don’t know what could be causing this, though I could speculate.
Try changing the thread title so that it includes that message (I think you can do that by editing the first message).
It should raise a flag with people who can help you.

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