Error when using ActionListener and AnimEventListener simultaneously?


I’m making a simple platformin game using jMonkey. I can make the character move without any problems while using the ActionListener

but when I change this:

java implements ActionListener{[/java]

to this

[java] implements ActionListener, AnimEventListener {[/java]

I get the following error:

[java]mygame.Platforming is not abstract and does not override abstract method onAnimChange(com.jme3.animation.AnimControl,com.jme3.animation.AnimChannel,java.lang.String) in com.jme3.animation.AnimEventListener

public class Duck extends SimpleApplication[/java]

It’s probably something simple, but I was unable to find anything to help.

thanks in advance!

You just didn’t implement the onAnimChange method. In jMP, press the lightbulb left of the class instantiation and select “implement all abstract methods”.

wow, that was easy x_x