Error while trying to upgrade and/or installing addons


Maybe this is not the correct category, but I’m not able to upgrade jme3 or install addons on jme3. The error I’m getting is:

Unable to connect to the jMonkeyEngine SDK Stable because of

If trying to connect manually using any web browser I’m getting a 404 error on github


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Sometimes the best thing to do for an error is to plug it into the forum search…

So see the weekly or bi-weekly answers to the same question.

ok,so according to post Getting error when checking for updates - #5 by Domenic it’s because the site is down and I would need to make it manually. But, how can it be done? Where to download the nbm packages from?

I think, you can download the most plugins here now:

Thanks for the link @Domenic
One last question, in order to upgrade jme itself I would need to re-install it with latest release, right?


You also can build from source but this is a little more difficult.

I made a program to simplify all of this sort of thing. You can download any branch of the engine/sdk and download/build any git repository or gist. The only caveat is that they must be gradle projects.

Its popularity/useage will determine my work ethic on the thing, but essentially it just means github is now your plugin repository.