Error with Code

I have not used JME before, I just installed it. I’m running Mountain Lion(10.8.2). I have Java 7 Version 10 installed. I’m using the code that was copied/pasted directly from a wiki page, one of the beginner ones.

The error I’m receiving is…

_NSJVMLoadLibrary: NSAddLibrary failed for /libjawt.dylib
JavaVM FATAL: lookup of function JAWT_GetAWT failed. Exit
Java Result: 255

This error occurs after the JME settings dialog shows up and I select ‘Ok’.

It currently doesn’t work on the latest OSX.

Alright, thank you. Is there a eta for when it will?

The same problem is affecting a lot of different programs (its not even a JME problem, its in the LWJGL lib) so a lot of people are trying to solve it…no-one has managed yet though :frowning:

Thanks for the information. Looking forward to the day that it’s solved.