Error with newNiftyJmeDisplay method?

Does this error have anything to do with the difference between the newer version of the
NiftyJmeDisplay class and the older one …???

or is this just another one of my odd misunderstandings of programming? OR is there a jar file I know nothing of???

Plz help

NiftyJmeDisplay niftyDisplay = NiftyJmeDisplay.newNiftyJmeDisplay(
            assetManager, inputManager, audioRenderer, guiViewPort);
    Nifty nifty = niftyDisplay.getNifty();

The result yields an error saying “uncompilable source code”

Is the nifty library running through updates or something?

The “uncompilable source code” error is often caused by incremental compilation.

As @pspeed has often said: ‘If you are using the JME SDK (Netbeans), go into your project settings and turn off “Compile on save”. Your builds will take a little longer but you will avoid a lot of weird errors caused by the incremental compiler.’

I’ve done that. I’m just wondering if maybe I need to have an extra set of the class because the method must not be compiling because of a screwy jar file not having a direct association with the rest of the engine core

such as jme3-niftygui jar or jme3-test-data jar

whenever I downloaded the nifty 1.4.2 I didn’t receive those two jar files alongside it. I’m very appreciative of the hard work you guys do. Just wanted to know if there was a wait on a jar


This is not a normal java error. It is an error caused by code run through the incremental compiler because it generates some code that apparently isn’t compiled full until runtime.

So, you may think you have it turned off but you don’t. Else you wouldn’t get that error. Because the one thing I 100% guarantee that error means you are running the incremental compiler.

Turn off compile on save. Do a full clean build. You will never see that error again. If you do, repeat from the beginning because you didn’t really do it.