Error with sharedMesh?


I am having a problem when I combine shared mesh -> billboard node while using a thirdperson chase camera while the object the player is chasing is moving along a bezier curve.

There is alot of things happening here, but up until i implemented the curve (which is a point and click, draws a curve from the current location, up to the cameras location and back to the click location)

i wasnt having any trouble. Now what happens is that the billboard nodes start facing funny directions, and eventually start disappearing.

i wonder if this has something to do with the cameras direction being updated inncorrectly or the shared meshes storing rotation data improperly?

I am at work right now and when I get home I will turn on the boundings to see if the billboards are still there or not.

However, by swapping the sharedmesh quads out for a new quad for each billboard, this problem is solved… this makes me think

that this problem has to do with sharedmesh not handling the cameras rotations properly??

Does anyone have any ideas? SharedMesh saves me alot of memory space. :slight_smile: