Errors in HelloLevelOfDetail Tutorial


I'm still working through the beginner tutorials, of course so far I am overwhelmed with the outstanding features and performance of JME2.

I did find a few errors in the HelloLevelOfDetail tutorial…

Line 50(ish)

        URL model =

Needs to be...

        URL model =

and line 90(ish)...

        // Clear the keyboard commands that can move the camera.
        input = new InputHandler();

Needs to have the InputHandler imported...

import com.jme.input.InputHandler;

I looked through the forums but couldnt find anything reported on these errors.

The wiki might be outdated sometimes, but anyone can change it, you just need to register again.

You can also find all the Hello tutorials in the jmetest package.

I fixed the wiki.

Awesome! Thank you.

If I see something in the future I will attempt to fix it. Thanks!