Errors when compiling the android sources

When I check out the android source from, I get a bunch of errors because of unsatisfied dependencies. Is that supposed to happen? For example: the class references the class IntArray which gives me an compile time error. We all know that android Opengl ES doesn’t support the IntArray class. Why is that happening?

I’m new to contributing to projects. :confused:

How should we know? Check out the whole engine project and build it with the ant build script.

When I checkout and run the build.xml file:

build.xml <— this one

it hangs on the output below and doesn’t continue:

Buildfile: C:\Users\main\workspace\JMonkey\build.xml
[echo] Downloading base platform, this only has to be done once.
[get] Getting:
[get] To: C:\Users\main\workspace\JMonkey\
[get] moved to

What’s the problem? :confused:

When i build the build.xml under the engine forlder right under the trunk:

-build.xml <— This one

it builds perfectly this folder.

I need someone to tell me if this is all I’m going to need in order to contribute to the android source code in order to make Joysticks available under android??