When I launch jMP a dialog pops up that says:

Error in scene!

(java.lang.IllegalStateException: Incomplete read buffer.)

In addition I can not to convert ogre scenes/meshes to .j3o.  

Also, when I try to view a model or edit any type of file other than .java, the ide stops responding and the model or file does not display (nor does the sceneviewer or edit window).

Existing .j3o models display fine in when loaded into an app.

I believe this behaviour just started with the latest svn update (sorry can't remember for sure).

Product Version: jMonkeyPlatform Alpha-2

Java: 1.6.0_17; Java HotSpot™ Server VM 14.3-b01

System: Windows XP version 5.1 running on x86; Cp1252; en_US (jmonkeyplatform)

I unistalled jMP and reinstalled (with the installer).  I no longer get the Error! in scene dialog, however, when I try to convert an Ogre scene the j3o file it produced is only 16 bytes long (requardless of scene size).  I can read in Orge .mesh (sans material).I'm exporting the ogre scene/mesh from blender in the same manner as I have in the past (which worked),  however I'll triple confirm  this. 

Uninstalled jMP.


and installed.

Everything works fine (can convert Ogre scenes/meshes, can edit other file types in addition to .java)

However after updating via  all the previously mentioned behaviours occur.

stopwalve said:

However after updating via  all the previously mentioned behaviours occur.

Alright, thanks for the report, I will check the scene importing in the latest version, its just that I have quite a bunch of local changes atm that are not quite put together yet, I will have to see wen I can commit the fix.

Many thanks.

I commited a fix that should solve the scene conversion problem.