Ethereal question

@pspeed I have a use case question for Ethereal. My space game has many sectors. Each sector is it’s own scene. I would like to have the client have a single connection but only get the updates for the sector I am currently viewing and obviously be able to flip from sector to sector. I could of course have a zone for each sector and position the entities on offset locations but I will hit the 32 bit jitter limitation with physics at that point. Currently, I have a “sector” node under the root node for each sector on the server. I was wondering if I can have an instance of EtherealHost for each sector and use startHostingOnConnection() when the client wants to view a particular sector and stopHostingOnConnection() when the client does not want to view a sector? My update loop will of course update entities against the appropriate EtherealHosts for the sector that they are in.

To be honest, I’m not sure.

I thought you were already managing multiple grid levels… which implies multiple zone managers, etc… Maybe this question factors into that somehow?

I also wonder at what point it’s just easier to do physics with doubles.

I am but on different ports for things like weapons, ships, planets because they all have different levels of precision and I don’t want weapon updates slowing down ship update … basically a poor man’s multiplexing of frame data. Now the users for some reason don’t want an infinite continuous universe but they want to flip from one sector to the next and they want to flip from sector view to planet view so I now have tons of different scenes I have to deal with.