Euphoria/Natural Motion

So we stumbled across this natural motion thing yesterday…

The ragdoll thing Normen has going on from Bullet is pretty cool, but after seing this, it's not quite enough xD

I haven't looked deeply into this nor found any portable code, and it may even cost money. xD

Just thought I'd share the thought of natural motion, as it's pretty damn cool!. :slight_smile:

  • Mikkel

Well yeah, this costs money :smiley: so it does not fit into the bsd based jMonkeyEngine… Anyway you are very welcome to port this to jme and bullet :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes this is really cool! Rockstar is using this…

Wow, this looks really cool.  I'm just wondering how to actually built it…

Using the Bone class, we can have access to every joint.  So it is possible to programmatically manipulate each joint to get the a dynamically animated character.  Lots of work I'm sure.

An awesome looking project. Who knows, maybe in a couple years we'll see something similar, and free, for Blender :wink: