Event based Model Animation

Forgive me if this seems like a stupid question. I was wondering if there is anything within the current jME API that would handle model animations via events.

What I mean is, if I have a model loaded that might have different animation sets or sequences, I would like to trigger an event that causes a specific animation to trigger.

Maybe this is something that wouldn’t be specific to jME at all? I am still just learning all this stuff. :slight_smile:

Well a basic example of that is the Dr. Freak in the CVS. You press keys, and his animation changes. I think it’s called TestMd2JmeWrite

I actually just implemented something like this in the AI section that im working on.

you add AgentListeners to entities, and fire events, and let the AgentListeners change animation, fire another animation…etc

Its the topmost thread in the AI section I believe.


Great, thanks guys. I will check out the example and that thread.

oh yeah, one more thing. Ive uploaded a Jar for the AI API and a zip.

The zip contains the actual source and the test cases. The zip is designed to be copied/pasted into the jme/src directory of the jME CVS source.

Theres a test called "TestAgentAction" It tests the AgentActions which modify the actual spatial, controllers…etc and in the same test, it fires events for space/B buttons.

If you need help with the AI side of things, dont hesitate to post there.


If I just update my CVS will I get all that?

nope, sry, my mistake, forgot to give you the links. ://

The AI isn’t in CVS at the moment, but mojo said he will do so when the AI system proves itself through a demo or somesort. Thats what im working on now.




Great. Thanks DP.