Everything also as applet possible?


I am very new, and just discovered this great project.

This is great, I am deeply impressed. Must have been so much work

to get there where JME is today.

Ok, I am working through lots of examples now, all working fine,

and have set up eclipse as described in the getting-started-tutorial.

Now I've got a great question:

Can I get everything (the examples,e.g.) running as applets?

This is because my target is to show 3d content within a website,

(((3d-"chatroom" as a very far target then))).

I'd like to intergate it, for example, as a 3d-chatroom for our Guild-Wars guild homepage.

Greez from Stuttgart



sorry, folks, I found enough stuff in this forum

to answer my question.

It is possible, what makes me very happy.


Nice avatar  :wink: