Everything disappears

Hello together,

for our minigolf-game we are using jme + jmephysics. in 2 days we have deadline and have to send the program to our professor. we are nearly finished, but have one remaining problem.

everytime when we move or rotate the camera, and the origin of the coordinates system leaves the display, everything disappears. even the HUD. may be it

Try and set the cull mode of your top node (like rootNode in SimpleGame) to CULL_NEVER.

It may be related to this thread: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=3878.0

With CULL_Never everything works fine. Thanks for the quick answers.


Problems like this make me suspect problems with how the camera is setup (and thus the frustum bounds)

Yes, that makes me think.

It seems that the pre-camera-move frustum bounds are being used for the clipping planes, even after the camera has been moved and the planes should have moved with it… at least that's what was happening to me.

Maybe it's a situation were camera.update() was not called or something…  I've also seen similar issues if the up/left/direction vectors are not setup logically (eg. a left vector that is logically pointing to the right, etc.)

I'm not trying to be a bother :)…

I removed the CULL_NEVER off of my rootNode and made sure that cam.update() was being called after anytime camera.setLocation() was being called.

I can now rotate the rootNode to where it's clipped and becomes 'disappeared'.

In my case cam.setUp( Vector3f.UNIT_Z);

I set back to CULL_NEVER and it works just fine. Now, I don't have a lot in my scene so keeping it like that doesn't hurt me (still get > 1000 fps).

So you set cam up to positive z…  what's the rest set to?

Also, turn on bounding volume rendering during this test to confirm the bounds are set and where they should be.