Example code please

I've been having some problems getting the following to work and noone has given solutions to the other problem I have posted so here is my final cry for help:

Can anyone come up with some example code that does this:

  1. Extends SimpleGame
  2. Loads an animated COLLADA model
  3. Scales, rotates and translates the model keeping the bounding box tight fitting

    Maybe someone already has such code lying around?

For 1. and 2. did you look at https://jme.dev.java.net/source/browse/jme/src/jmetest/renderer/loader/TestColladaLoading.java?view=markup ?

As madlion says, extend TestColladaLoading, apply scale, rotation and translation to the model nodeā€¦ that should be all you need.

Thanks for the replies. I didn't see them until know probably because my spam filter ate the email. I will try your suggestions tomorrow  :slight_smile: