Example of flying object(plane)

Is there are any example of flying object (specifically plane)?

Sorry if post is duplicate, i dont find anything concrete
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This tutorial show an example of a flying blue cube:


Try it and all the others tutorial :wink:

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this is good example, but i need object that would be added to BulletAppState, so it can make collision with other object.
Something like this http://davidb.github.io/sandbox_wiki_jme/jme3/advanced/vehicles.html , onle for the airplane

Check the forum a bit. There are quite some people making plane games here.

Just set the velocity on a rigidbody directly, thats the easiest way. Making a “real” plane with some kind of fly-by-wire system is something that took decades and the best engineers in the world working in huge research facilities, I doubt you will get acceptable results in your game, especially as there is no simulated air in bullet.

Just fake it, like all games fake most everything.

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i need that my airplane move by wayPoints (like in MonkeyZone for the vehicle)
in general - i change accelerate to setLinearVelocity, and steer to setAngularVelocity ? Or maybe there is easiest way to do that?

Have you considered not using physics, if your planes will follow waypoints? Not saying you are forcefully choosing the wrong path, just that setting the location and rotation of a model is simpler to program and uses less resources while running.

You can also just set it to kinematic mode, then you can set the location “normally” via waypoints or just setLocal… . That way it will push away other objects but you will still be able to move it into walls. Otherwise yeah, setting linear and angular velocity directly, just make sure you do it in a physics tick callback.

I set my vehicleControl(actually airplane) to .setKinematic(true) ,
then create motionPath,
and motionControl = new MotionEvent(vehicleNode,path);

When i start motion “motionControl.play();” my airplane move througth everything (objects, ground)

Did i miss something?

p.s. if i need that my airplane collide with other objects, only way is using linear velosity?

You missed the second part of the sentence you quoted, yes. And yes.