Excellent work


I didn't see anywhere to give feedback, and I just wanted to say I think this is a very well led project. I followed the CVS download method with Eclipse and after a few issues (which where mainly be being an idiot) I found the wealth of examples really helpful. Hopefully I'll be on here a fair bit as the project I'm working on progreses, but for now, in and word, thanks.

Oh and whilst I'm here I'll use this smily  :smiley: simply because it's cool!


And all the best with the future of jME.

Glad you like it!  A lot of people have put a lot of work into it.

Though I really hope that you mean Subversion rather than CVS!  jME1 used CVS, but jME2 is on SVN at Google Code!!!


Glad to see you like the 'fro smiley too… it's my favorite  :D

Thanks! Naturally a lot (the bulk of it really) of credit goes to the original creators of the engine, if that's all you're pointing at, but we're feeling really good about what we're getting done piece by piece in the non-technical areas as well. Although I'm very excited about JME3, as I feel more like a part of that being invested since it's inception, JME2 still has a lot going for it, for years to come really, and it is really doing an excellent job clearing the way for the next generation.

There's no better motivation than kinds words, and I hope the our community heroes will the self-indulgent enough to take these complements as their own.

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i concure.

jmonkeyengine is the best thing that ever happened to me