Experienced user

Hi all i am looking for someone that has a bit of experience with jme and thats has already loaded a .3ds  model into jme

because i have the code to load .3ds models and it works ok but nothing is shown on the window when i actually load my model and this code does not have any errors  :?

or where can i find what are the constrains about the models we can load

Thanks for the attention and time

p.s this is for final year project and i need to do it

ok… i'm really not and experienced user, but i might know what is happening.

Looks like your .3ds origin is diferent from the jme origin, which means the point (0,0,0) of the 3ds is probably diferent when you load it.

I also would like to know how to resolve this. Is there any common solution? Because it looks like a common problem.


i am using a simililar code to the one is used to load maggie

so i thought the origin should be the sqame as magie and that the model i am tring to load should appear what u think if magie appears our models should appear as well bcs it has the same coordinates origin as magie

someone help pleass


I dont understand why nobody helps  :? :?

i am sure some  other people had the same problem has me and lucas_goraieb  i dont understand why u guys are not helping



I will try tomorrow (it's after midnight here).

First i would try to load the maggie.3ds file. If this works, then maybe you don't have set a material to your model. When i save my model without applying a material to it in my 3d software, it uses a black material. If you use SimpleGame in your program, look what happens when you press the key 'l' to turn off the light and 't' to switch to wireframe. Use the key 's' to move the camera and 'b' to see the bounding of your loaded object.

I think that can give you hints where the problem is.

If this don't help, you can mail me your 3ds modell and / or your source code and i will look into.

justin–tmp-3d [at] web [point] de