Experimental Jabber chat channel

A jME-dedicated chat has been a long-time recurring request around these parts. Because I like being mysterious as much as I like being brief, I won’t go into details about why it took us so long, but here, go to this chat and see if you find anyone:


The cool part about it is that you can also just add jmechat@jaconda.im to your friends list in Google Talk or any Jabber client (I personally recommend swift.im) and you’ll be participating in the persistent group chat.

Useful Commands:

Basic Guidelines:

  • If you have jME-related question for the chat, create a thread for it first. If you come to a solution, make sure to summarize your conversation in the original support thread and mark it as resolved. If you’re not getting an answer, don’t be pushy; that’s a good way to get the boot.
  • If troubleshooting questions take up too much room in this chat, we might just disallow it completely.
  • What I’m really hoping this chat will be used for is collaborations. Plugins in need of feedback, interesting game dev problems being solved, alphas and betas being tested. And once again, it’s strongly encouraged to share results of any kind on the forum once the discussion has come to an end. You know you love those thumbs.
  • The core developers, like everyone else, has no commitment to this chat. If they’re available, they’re probably dropping by to collaborate on something in the development department, and they are almost certainly not there to answer live troubleshooting questions. Hence another good reason to always post on the forum first.

I"ll be adding more guidelines once I see how this thing evolves, if it even gets off the ground.