I installed sdk again and my computer exploded. Then I pooped all over the place. Why this happened?

My antivir-software says that java is the dangerous virus of all time.

Windows and C++ is the way to the light!

This forum is ugly! Why you use this piece of crap? Community is from ass too, lick my hairy balls. But jme2 and jme3 is still quite good.

Anyway, C++ is the way to the light!

you are free to leave this forum, sooner the better.

@derk5 you are the only one who has such problems. Remove your antivirus and install java.

Btw, I recommend to use Avira.

Edited: And the forum is the best, imho!

Whats up with people lately?

This is there third rant thats completely uncalled for in the last two days… get out, get some fresh air, it’s summer for gods sake. Then come back once you are settled and can talk normally.

The problem you’re having is pretty well documented, try this

This is also the 4 rant post from this user, ban request.

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PM sent to user, closing thread.