[Explorers] Overview

Explorers - Catan inspired Board game based on jME.

Project lead: Methius

Starting date: 10/2008

Recruiting: No

Current status: Temporary hiatus (exams and university projects. ;))

Game type: Board Game


An “Catan” game implementation, having all standard and extra rules. Also included a mapeditor and will include multiplayer of LAN and eventually server play.

This game is implemented to help me in my Master research thesis in incomplete game strategies. The goal is to collect play information in a giant DB and then use that information to create a competent AI.

The game will be built up with modability in mind. Players can make their own Tile/Building models and these can be easily be exchanged for the default ones. Same goes for Playing field background and maybe eventually menus


Map Editor works, Single player works (for maps of X by Y, not statically set), only action cards need to be implemented. Everything else works.

Next stage is GUI for singleplayer (Only the GUI, backbone is already built), then save function, then network buildup for multiplayer and finally db integration for server based game matching.

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  • Methius

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Heh… I already replied once to this post, but this mornings server hick-up erased it…

Wanted to say that I really love this work and I hope we will get a chance to play it when you finish it. The graphics are real good, the only beef I had in connection with the video was that the border between the game-board and the water seemed very sharp. It would have been natural for me if the crossover had been more smooth - like the sea bottom is visible through the water near the shore, but later fades off as the water gets deeper. Dont know how to implement that though :slight_smile:

Also wanted to ask if you work under any specific license and if the code will be available  :wink:

Looks fantastic!  Are any releases planned?

Mindgamer said:
It would have been natural for me if the crossover had been more smooth - like the sea bottom is visible through the water near the shore, but later fades off as the water gets deeper. Dont know how to implement that though :)

I agree, and I've been looking for some kind of automated shore/wave generation but haven't found any so far.
I think that I will have time again in the beginning of december to start serious work again.

I don't know if I'm going to release the code yet, but there is a very strong chance I will. (It mostly depends on how the thesis fares and the requirements they set. ;) )

To make it blend with the shore, you have to use some watermap (tells the density/height of water at each pixel). You blend in the refraction color with the normal result color using the density value.

Actually I am not sure about the correct mechanics of water when the density is low. Somebody with understanding of water simulation mechanics should try fixing the water shader.

Yes… it could/should be corrected in the shader, but you could also just use an illusionist's technique and model beach were the land meets the water and use static faked surf that overlaps with the water and has blended transparency the further from shore, so that the water can be seen somewhat under the model.  Older video games/graphics do it this way I believe, and it is a viable, low cost solution where absolute realism is not necessary.  Of course, a fog effect way out to sea will get rid of the rigid change from water to sky as well.

Just a little note: even though inkscape is open source you are probably not allowed to use it's logo as a game symbol…

I know, but this project was first and foremost a study into informed AI, and in it's current form only to be seen by friends / professors.

If I release it, it will be done open-source and any non authentic artwork redone.

Thanks for the tips on how to deal with the shore issue, I'm open for more :slight_smile: