Exploring Ogre scene files

I cannot figure out how to access separate nodes in Ogre exported scene files. I have a simple floor with an empty locater and want to be able to load both separately from the j3o of the scene file.

The scene file:

Which is listed in the JMP SceneExplorer as:




if I load the j3o as floor=assetManager.loadModel(“Scenes/basicFloor/floor.j3o”);

there are no auto complete methods available that might let me access children of floor. I have also tried loading playerPos-node directly but receive nullpointer exceptions.

Could I please have the syntax to either load playerPos from the j3o or from the floor spatial.

Thanks Normen.

[java]Node floor=(Node)assetManager.loadModel(“Scenes/basicFloor/floor.j3o”);

Spatial playerPos=floor.getChild(“playerPos-node”);