Export a Project with Eclipse as JAR

hi together

i created a application and now i want to export my project as an jar archive. My project includes several librariers and the jme 1.0 source code as a java project in the build path.

now there are lot of different settings in the export dialog of eclipse. i tested some of these settings but no configuration was sucessfull.

first, the export function ends with an error message or if the export was sucessfull i can't start the jar archive.

is there any guide how to export a jme project??

thx a lot!

ok by now im a little bit fruther

i have compile jar files from the jme project and have included these jar files into my project as a user library.

now i have 4 libraries in my project:

JRE System Library

Referenced Libraries

jME required


but if i want to start my testdriver, an exception is thrown

Exception in thread main java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Coult not initialize class org.lwjgl.opengl.Display

If you don't care much about the way it is later, I suggest to take a look at fatjar http://fjep.sourceforge.net/, basically it will just pack everyfile needed within that package.

(You may need to copy apste the needed antives into the directory with the jar file, at least i had to do so, but that was probably due to a mistake i made. (Normally they should be inside the jar, and work from there without problems)