Exported model from blender is only half of the mesh?noob question

i have a model with mirror modifier then when i try to export it, it says warning: error in normalize! face of mesh “filename” too small, then when i have converted it to jme binary and view it in scenecomposer,. it is only half of the model itself, and is also do not have a texture in it. thanks for anyone who will reply

You cannot export mirror meshes. Apply the modifiers and make it a complete model before exporting. There is hints in the OgreXML exporter about what gets exported how when you press the “help” button. Textures can only be UV textures and no procedural ones but only images. Remember that Blender is for static rendering and jME is for live OpenGL rendering, there are many differences and options in blender that wont work for a game model.



wow! that’s great help! ill try it out! thank you so much!