Exporting a bone animation from blender to .skeleton

I followed this

To make a model with bone animation and save it.

When I do export to OGRE, I only get the .mesh.xml file, not the .skeleton file.

What am I doing wrong?

I have previously been able to export .mesh.xml and load that into jmonkey with the tutorials. I have also run the animation tutorial with the golem, so this next step was trying to make my own simple animation.

See screenshots for hopefully some more information on my setup

Also, when trying the export above I get this:

You probably have a too recent version of blender. Try to get the latest Bleder2Ogre module. It often solves this kind of troubles.

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there can be many reasons.

propably because of exception - that is propably because of wrong blender/ogre version.

this is also possible, that you export model without skeleton. you need to be sure, that you have skeleton applied to model.

anyway you do not have Parent Bone like in tutorial.

there are also more reasons, for example with envelope parameters / etc.

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Thank you very much!

I looked at the export script and you are right, I didn’t have the latest version.

It works now and I was able to export my skeleton and animate it with jmonkey.