Exporting dynamic geometry to dxf

Hi i am a bit of a noob with JMonkey but learning fast  :slight_smile:

I am trying to export a jme generated mesh out to a file format that can be read by other software, such as a dxf or 3ds file format, does jme have an exporter that can do this type of thing, or do I have to write one myself. I am trying to write a generative CAD type program so I would like to be able to get my jme meshes into AutoCAD or 3d studio max.


I think you have to write this on your own. You can only export to jME-native .jme binaries (and maybe jme-xml!?)

I don't know the syntax of dxf, but wavefront obj-format is ascii and might be not too hard to output…

Thanks, I thought as much.

Dxf's are ascii as well so shouldn't be too hard.

Here's a jme-to-obj exporter I wrote a while ago:


It might not work with the current version of jME though.

Great thanks for that, that will be very useful, make my life a lot easier.  :slight_smile: