Exporting from 3ds Max

When I go to export selected for an object I have created in 3ds what file extension should I save it as so that it can then be used with jmonkey engine? I may be giving you this question in a retarded simple way but I do not yet have all the terminology to piss with the big boys so bare with me.

Also, how would this work for animations?

Or do I need a plugin or app of some sort to convert them for me? I was under the impression that 3ds could export into a usable format directly?

Infact if this is a rubbish way of going about it then please feel free to point out my errors so I can focus myself in the correct area for achieving this.

Thak you :slight_smile:

Export from 3ds Max as a 3ds scene

Use the Binary Importer and search the forum for 3ds Max