Exporting from Blender

When I export a model from blender that has procedural textures, they don't seem to get exported with it.  I'm exporting to the Wavefront format.  I've also tried 3DS, but neither seems to include the texture I've created.  When I look at the .obj and .mtl files I can see that the material is being exported, but there is no reference to the texture at all.  Unfortunately the export dialog doesn't seem to have an option to include textures.

Is there a way to export textures from Blender?

I did some more digging on the forums and it appears to be a known issue with .OBJ.  3DS is supposed to work though, but I think my normals are inverted.  I'm trying to figure out how to invert them in Blender right now so I can test that.

I don't thinkprocedurals support fromfor exported models uv map your model and bake the texture