Exporting Heightmaps/Node


Is there a way to export a Node to a .jme or .obj file?

I have some heightmaps added to the (root)node, and i want to export them because theyre using to many objects. (4obj per heightmap -> 500heightmaps*4obj = 2kobj :frowning: )


exporting to .jme wont help anything, becuase after you load it again it will be exactly the same node.

It will help as long as its really "some" heightmaps (meaning multiple). You can generate them and then save / load them while removing/adding them to the scene. The BinaryExporter feature is probably what you want. You can also save sub-trees by simply specifying only the subnode in question to be exported. But I think you will have to detach them before saving, otherwise they will link to their parent and it will be saved/restored as well.