Exporting to images/video

Not sure where this should go - so apologies if this isn't the best place.

I've just come across JMonkey and i'd like to test it out in a project i'm working on that includes some other Java libraries/applications.

One of the requirements, though, is that i need to output a set of images which can then be used to create a video stream. So, essentially, i'm creating a video stream from the results of user input. The video side of things i'm fine with, but not being familiar with jMonkey i'm curious as to how difficult it would be to get a set of images rather than 'just' rendering to the screen.

I'm just wondering if there's already a solution for this, and, if not, how complex it would be to hook into the current rendering API in order to implement this.

what i can tell you is, that it’s possible with jme.

and there have been discussions about this in the forum, so u should find something by searching the forums.

sorry, have no time right now, else i would have had a look.

ok, i took 2mins anyway

This should be an entrypoint for you… klick

thanks, that looks like it could be exactly what i'm looking for - in my defense i did search around but didn't find this - i REALLY appreciate you taking a couple of minutes for me there!


no prob, that's what a community is there for, isn't it?

So i hope you get it working.

I had a look on this topic as well, ages back, but i got it working, somehow.

I had trouble with the different kinds of codecs…