Exporting to md3 in 3ds max?


  Using the Character Studio in 3ds max, I made a simple biped (with 2 clicks XD).

I want to use it in jME like its used in a few of the jmetest programs. However, I have no

idea how to export my model (.max or .3ds) into a .md3 (is that right?) to import into jME.

Do I need a plug-in for 3ds max, or have I just overlooked a few classes?


yes you will need a plugin.

My artist provides the .md3 models, they import correctly with animations and everything. Just the normal vectors seem to be screwed up.

what i did was modify the ModelLoader class to recalculate the normal vectors before exporting the model to .jme.

i will try to find out what exact plugin the artist is using. then i can provide the modified ModelLoader if you want.

You will need a plugin to export MD3, you can find max exporter scripts for most formats so take your pick.

For native formats, you can save in 3ds format and there's a jme importer for that (example in jmetest).

Don't think you will get your animation with that though.

OK, that would be very helpful.