Extend the engine?

If this info exists somewhere else, I apologize.

How would I go about extending JME, i.e.- building a derivative engine based on JME? Is that encouraged, or is there a plugin system, which would allow me to effectively build and engine with JME as the foundation/core?


I’ve actually done it but only to change a few small things.

  1. Fork the jMonkey repository. This allows you to create your own personal repository based on jMonkey’s code source.
  2. Change the remote master branch to own of your own, which you created from a selected commit.
  3. Bam! You can change jMonkey however you like.
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Thanks @Benoit_Dubreuil, that’s the info I was looking for.

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Feel free to build upon jMonkeyEngine, the only restriction is that you must follow the the 3-Clause BSD License.

  • You should state that your engine or game contains code that is copyright jMonkeyEngine. Code you write is of course your code and copyright to you. You should also include the BSD disclaimer. This is legalese for “If you use jMonkeyEngine or things derived from jMonkeyEngine you can’t sue jMokeyEngine even if it is buggy”

  • You may not imply that jMonkeyEngine endorse or promote your engine/game.

That’s it, the BSD license is very permissive.


Aside from the license requirements, is it permissable to use the jMonkeyEngine name in marketing material? For example, is it ok to state “Based on jMonkeyEngine”, on a website or in documentation?


Neither the name of ‘jMonkeyEngine’ nor the names of its contributors
may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software
without specific prior written permission.

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“Based on jMonkeyEngine” = ok. No promotion… just credit where it’s due.

“Official jMonkeyEngine extension” = not ok… implies endorsement.