Extorris muzzleflare

Hey finished my muzzleflare and bullet trace. I am not quite satisfied just yet.

The muzzleflare dosent look right

The ship looks jagged and very bright (light settings perhaps??)

The bullet trace looks like what they are a box, how to fix that :slight_smile:

thats a really dodgy FPS your getting if you’ve got a 6800…

But looks good! Keep it up…


yeah its windowed mode and I fired alot of objects. Anyway I have a principle of making it work first and then optimizing :slight_smile:

With regards to the lighting, I think you’re right. Try turning down the ambient first to something nice and low, then add a few spot or point lights to keep the ship slightly lit. At any rate, try to make sure that the total intensity of the lights on the object doesn’t exceed 1.0 so that you can have a good range of light and dark on your model…sometimes darkness can improve the atmosphere of a scene.

I made a webstart demo so it can be seen in action

Press F to fire.


Didn’t seem to work for me either. THe properties screen came up and then nothing after that.

Could I request a stacktrace?. Works perfectly on my box.

On windoze machines its

C:Documents and Settings<your account>Application DataSunJavaDeploymentlog

This is ofcourse if logging is turned on. You can do that from windowze controlpanel->java

ditto… i’m guessing you have another version of lwjgl in your local system path which is why it works for you.

Renanse wish it were that simple.

Kevglass… hmm perhaps…i’ll try to fix it

Well, since you are ref’ing a function that doesn’t exist, then somehow your system has that version of the library overriding the packaged ones. Explain how it would work for you otherwise?