Extreme bounciness and disappearing of DynamicPhysicsNodes


I have a vehicle (a tricycle) consiting of 5 DynamicPhysicsNodes connected by Joints. Some times when the frame hits the ground (a StaticPhysicsNode) it will suddenly get thrown up in the air with enormous speed - and the initial impact wasn't hard at all. It seems to me that it might be caused by the physics system allowing the frame DynamicPhysicsNode (with physics data generated at triangle accuracy) to move too far into the StaticPhysicsNode so that the "bounce" gets unnaturally high. The DynamicPhysicsNode then gets hurled up into the air like a rocket.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? If so, what did you do to fix/avoid this? :slight_smile:

The other problem I'm having is that sometimes the DynamicPhysicsNode hits a StaticPhysicsNode in such a way that it suddenly disappears and the whole display goes completely black. It is still possible to read values off these objects but they're all zero (local translation, rotation, everything). There must be someone else who has experienced this?