Extremely low performance (0 FPS)

I’m new to this forum and also to the 3D Scene (so, JME3 is new to me).

What i’d like to now if it’s normal, i guess not, to have both game and sceneviewer at 0 fps with about 260k triangles and 86k vertices but my gpu holds at 0% (i’ve got an Nvidia GTS 250). I’m only loading the asset and attaching it to the root node (well, sceneviewer does that and still gets stuck at 0 FPS).

I’m using Alpha 3 (i haven’t applied any nightly build). Before i get to do that, as i see they have some problems, there’s any way to get round this? I mean, I remember that you were able to select which OpenGl to use, or to use none, but i currently do not have this option (anymore) so i guess it might be using my cpu (which is more than probably, because it stands at 100%) instead of trying to use native OpenGL.

I’ve actually reduced the number of polys to 25%, i can’t further reduce that if you’re guessing that option. I’d like to load the full texture (i’ve no problems on the editor, it plays fine with minimal resource usage, so i can’t understand why jME3 would act this way). Any help would be appreciated.

It seems i can’t edit the post. I was wrong, really my gpu is at 100% but i can’t even get to understand why. Might it be that i don’t have the meshes unified? Because the model alone plays fine on scene viewer.

EDIT: Yes, that’s the problem for sure, because displaying the model alone has over 390k triangles and plays fine.I’m using OgreMAX to export this, there’s any way to make all meshes unified? I know i might loose my animations though.

Well try to keep the individual mesh/object count low, better use more complex models than many simple.

In 3dsmax convert (if not already done and primitives) to polygon or mesh type

then use attach (left in the panel when one is selected) (or attachlist) to add all objects you want to combine (also note that per object only 2 texture, so you have to combine the textures and restructure uv maps if you use any)

The editor is probably faster in this case as it optimies all geometry on the fly for displaying(do you also have a small lag sometimes when moving a large amount of stuff, I suspect it is combining them then for displaying) as raraly any positions change in the editor, in jme3 however this is not really possible as it has no concept of static nodes and dynamic nodes.

How many objects have you got? a large number of objects can put a strain on the cpu.

Also could you try with nightly builds? There was a Node culling issue that was fixed recently, maybe it can have some effect on your scene.

Update ur card drivers, i had the exact same thing(from jme to jme3) when a post filter was added to my app’s viewPort, after that everything went smooth xD

PS: If your os is ubuntu, don’t select the recommended drivers that the driver manager gives you.

I’m using DAZ Studio to create the models, each one has about 8 or 9 objects (ie, clothes) on it. I’ll try to “merge them”, though i haven’t clearly understood what you’ve said.

I must say i’m currently using the last nightly build, still the same problem. I must note i’m using last drivers though.