FABRIK IK in jME progress thread

As per the contribution guide, a progress update thread.

I said it would be done a little quicker. Unfortunately real life intervened and i have worked less on this than i would have liked. However it looks like plain sailing from now on.

FABRIK is Forward And Backward Reaching Inverse Kinematics. It is far simpler method than inverse Jacobin methods and tends to be more natural and far more stable.

Current progress is that a fairly hacked version works. A refactor will be done this week (basically put it all in a Control) with a small test app to show it off and for testing regression checks. Currently there are no constraints.

Just be warned there is still a lot to to. Such as ensure sane behavior when targets are unreachable. Just exposing the controls and finally adding some constraints. Such as roll targets.

Sorry it is not quite a link to github yet. But not far away.


So had some serious personal stuff this week. I mean what the hell i can’t get a brake here.

So if i know you personally… Please Stop Dying! :sob:

I’m sorry to hear that, you have all my sympathy.

I totally forgot to give a current update. We have chosen a different game to make as my art department had exams. This meant that IK was no longer a critical feature for us and I have done no extra work on it. The current state was i hacked some basic examples to test my math and the robustness of the method. No integration with jME was done at all. Note that the math is fairly simple and can be done without facny trig mostly. In fact basic vector math is all that is required.

We will come back to this. But most likely around November when my brother is modeling again. There is a off chance i do just because i am frustrated with other things, but it is quite unlikely if we are all honest.

Sorry, I should have posted sooner to keep expectations in check if anyone else was waiting.

also the new game is still in jME. Lots of people look at me funny about that and wonder why no Unity. Well i feel the current code base is very strong and adding extras like this is something that is much easier to do than in Unity. And no plugins are not really the same. I looked at that in unity as well. Unity is great if you can do everything the unity way.

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