Failed to create display error in starting jmonkeybuilder 1.8


The exception was thrown by jMonkeyEngine, in the jme3-lwjgl3 library:

What were you hoping to accomplish with jMonkeyBuilder, may I ask?


You can ask the jmonkeybuilder developer :grin: i just tried to open it as the poster of this post did. But in any cause why whould jme throw an exception like that even if i can run jme games? @sgold


JME threw the exception because it requires OpenGL 2.0 or higher in order for some of its features to work. The author of line 163 believed that capabilities.OpenGL20==false indicated a lack of support for OpenGL 2.0.

@javasabr has been inactive since October, and I don’t have any contact information for him.

I was asking what motivated you to try JMonkeyBuilder. Were you merely curious, or was there a specific task you wished to accomplish, some problem you wanted to solve? If there was a task/problem, someone here might be able to suggest alternative tools/solutions.


That would be great! I want to build scenes and investigate j3o files and the most important is to write shaders in a real time editor. So, JMonkeyBuilder and it’s new updates looks very useful. You may tell me that I should use JME3 SDK but a lightweight asset manager is a great solution instead of using the SDK especially when I don’t want to code (Designing phase).
It would be confusing to face such a problem even if i have the support of a higher version than OpenGL 2. This is what wounder me really. Anyway, many thanks @sgold.


This exception is from jME-lwjgl3 backend.


It’s look like that the exception thrown when initializing a simple window. Does that occure every time a new window showed? Because it doesn’t happen when initializing any other window in JME.


which jme backend do you use?


JME 3.0 and 3.1


@javasabr is quite correct that the exception was thrown by the jme3-lwjgl3 library of JME.

JME has two “backend” libraries: jme3-lwjgl (the default, based on LWJGL v2.9.3) and jme3-lwjgl3 (less stable, based on LWJGL v3.x).

Apparently jMonkeyBuilder 1.8 uses the jme3-lwjgl3 library. But it’s not the latest (JME v3.2.2) release, nor is it the latest master-branch; it’s from last year’s master branch. It’s quite possible you’ve hit an issue in master-branch jme3-lwjgl3 that doesn’t affect any official release and/or has already been fixed in master.

It might be helpful to run some simple test codes using various versions of the jme3-lwjgl3 library.

Some LWJGL issues are specific to particular graphics drivers, so it might be helpful to know what graphics hardware you’re using and which version of the graphics driver is installed.