Failed to find a JmeSystem delegate

Hi, i tried googling this and didn’t find anyting, so I thought I’d ask here:

SEVERE: Failed to find a JmeSystem delegate! Ensure either desktop or android jME3 jar is in the classpath.

I have Jme3-core.jar added to libraries and my project can compile just fine, however the core.jar-file i’m using is from another project’s dist-folder - is that an issue ?

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Do you only have the core jar? ie: you don’t have any of the lwjgl jars or natives or anything else?!? That would be a problem.

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I have all the usual jars from the sdk i’m using, but the core-jar from the engine I build from svn. Could that lead to an inconsistency ?

Ah - my bad. You were right. Thank you :slight_smile:

FYI, if someone else comes here looking for which maven artifact to use, it should be jme3-desktop ( if you are running on a desktop system, as opposed to say, android) and at least one of the rendering dependencies - I used jme3-lwjgl.