Fairytale - FireEffect PACKAGE



I never forget a promise.

My computer is still down, waiting for the new one is like an eternity and I lost all hope^^

So I retrieved the files(was a journey to hell).



There shoudn’t be any problems. You have to change the texture path, maybe modify the code a bit, but it’s really simple. :wink:

If you get better results and/or you just rock with code, please share it with everyone.

Everyone can us the code, it’s a free contributen.

Credits are fine, but not necessary.

Only one thing to say:


WOW!  :-o

Thanx for the contrib :slight_smile:

Very nice :slight_smile:

That image is very impressive.

I want to try it but it cannot be downloaded.

It says "Download limit is reached."

This is bad!

May sound funny, but I can't help you (fast).

There are some reasons.

Therefore can someone, who already posses the code, upload it again, please?


"Download limit is reached."

Doesn't it only appear after 100 downloads?!


Ok, sorry, they changed the rules. Only 10 times. What a crap!

DarkPhoenixX if you want you can upload it here:


it will be available in the public http://www.core-dump.ch/upload/incomming/ folder.

Very nice work, thanks for sharing.

The archer game i'm working on, her bow string and arrows are going to be magic, I think some comic hero has the same thing, hope its not copyright, but anyways,  hadn't got round to effects yet, but if i can modify this for like green flaming arrows will look awsome, I hope :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again


Thanks for your help Core-Dump.

Hope someone will load it up.  :cry:


No problem at all.

I tested purple and dark blue flames. Green should be really easy^^.

Hope someone will load it up.

Yeah if one of the 10people who downloaded it from the original upload could put it in Core-Dumps upload space, would be great.

Although personally I'm a ways off using it, can hang in till you get your PC sorted DarkPheonixX