Fake Atmosphere

I spent the evening on creating a shader for a cartoony looking atmosphere :smile:

The planet is just a mediumgray sphere lit by a directional light.

The atmosphere is just a billboarded quad with a short shader, I’ll clean it up and share it if anyone is interrested.

I need a special “planet” shader which will add some fake atmospheric scattering to the planet surface before I’m happy. =)


Nice work. Even with the jerky animation of the gif image it looks awesome.

Creating a cheap atmosphere shader is on my list of things to do so count me as interested.

Very cool! :+1:

Is it possible to apply the “bueish” quad to random Geometry also?

heheh Nice work!

I am also interested in using something simple like this in my project. So yes … it would be good if you could share it.