I thought that if we're gonna introduce flags for jME (like with names) we might do the same for USE_FAST_TRIG. This means it will be a true constant (final), thus speeding up calculations by a tiny bit in either case. That other reason I'd like it cause I can just put the flag there on my slow machine to speed things up without having to edit that application.

Or is it preferred that you can set this at runtime? (anyone ever used it?)

I'm missing something here.  How are you proposing to make it final without affecting developer choice on it being true or false?

Well I'm not, I asked if anyone thinks we should. Though when the developer releases the game he can always set up what flag should be used in the launcher.

It's a minor speedup, but that was the main motiviation. This'll only work if it's final.

The second motivation is I can "override". That doesn't automatically mean using a final (if it's deemed important a developer can stills set/change this at runtime).

I see…  Well in my opinion, it's only important that the developer can decide for his/her game whether or not to use fast trig – based on whether accuracy is extremely important.  We've tried to arrange things so that we as a developent team do not make those kinds of decisions (in a non-alterable way) for the developer, to allow jME to be used in the widest range of applications possible.  So as long as we hoe to that line as much as possible, I'm for any changes that increase performance.

Hm well it will make more of an impact when there are more methods that use faster approximations (like a fast sqrt). I'll leave it till then, and to do some proper testing first.